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By admin | Published March 24th, 2013

Rogers Canada BlackBerry Z10 Unlocking CodesUnlocking your Rogers Canada, Blackberry Z10 smartphone is now safe and easy with Safeunlockcode!

Why Unlock your Blackberry Z10 from Rogers with us?

  • Fast code delivery via Email!
  • No technical skills needed!
  • 100% Money back Guarantee

3 Easy Steps!

1. Send us the following details about your handset:

  • The IMEI. (Find the IMEI by dialing *#06#  or by checking the sticker underneath the battery)

Note: Select the original country and operator of your phone, in this case Canada, Rogers  and – NOT the one you wish to use after the unlock process!

2. Check the price and availability and proceed to payment. Pay securely via PayPal and Credit ot Debit Card!

3. Receive on your email the code.

How to use the BlackBerry Z10 Rogers Unlock Code:

  • Insert another SIM card into your device.
  • Simply enter the 8 or 16 digit code sent to you via email and your phone is unlocked!


*IMPORTANT: Please make sure your that your mobile phone has enough attempts to enter the unlock code. If your device has 0 attempts, we will not be able to make a refund. If your Z10 phone is brand new or you have never tried to unlock it before, then you have enough attempts available.

If your mobile phone doesn't ask for the code and there is no available field to enter it, please contact us for support.

Are you ready? Start Now, click HERE

  • Risk FREE
  • 100% Money back Guarantee

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