Blackberry’s Passport Smartphone – more successful than expected

By admin | Published October 14th, 2014

Although the Blackberry Passport wasn’t designed for top selling markets, it seems that it’s got more fans than expected, being sold out in two online stores and climbing up to number one on the list of Amazon unlocked phones. To get unlocked your Blackberry Passport please click here.

Over 200.000 devices have been sold since the launch of the brand, a quite impressive figure for the problems that Blackberry had.

The fact that it is almost sold out on Amazon shows that it’s actually quite popular, although it has a bulky appearance and it costs $600.

Some other phones that are in the top on Amazon, but don’t sell so well as the Passport, are the Blu Advance 4.0 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which cost under $200. You can unlock your smartphone here.

There are some features that make this Blackberry stand out: the pre-installed App Store, a massive battery with a long endurance, a big square screen which shows desktop websites really well and also a QWERTY keyboard.

Maybe these are the reasons for its being so popular and bringing it in the top of the sales.

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