You can pre-order the new BlackBerry classic from Amazon for $449

By admin | Published December 28th, 2014

After lots of discussions around its launch, the BlackBerry classic can finally be pre-ordered, starting from the middle of November, having a $449 pricing tag. You can now Unlock Blackberry Classic here!

The name says it all, as this new smartphone stays loyal to its classic QWERTY keyboard and adds to it a modern shape and style.

US residents can order the smartphone directly from the BlackBerry online store, under no contract from any of the carriers. You have to know also that it is made especially for GSM carriers, so Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular won’t work on it. You can unlock other modesl of Blackberry here!

It seems that after the middle of December we will find out more about the official release of the BlackBerry Classic, after the launch event held on December 17th. A little bit unusual, the order of events for the BlackBerry classic, but maybe the company wants to go against the current.

So, if you want to make a BlackBerry Christmas present, then it seems that you are lucky, because the gadgets will start being shipped soon after December 17th.

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