How to unlock HTC 10 T-Mobile USA

By admin | Published July 8th, 2016

If you have a new phone then it’s probably locked and you want to unlock it. The HTC 10 offers a great number of useful features and excellent camera experience. With it’s excellent camera you can take beautiful pictures and feel like a professional photographer.

HTC 10 uses a Nano-SIM and has Corning Gorilla Glass 4 as protection for your display, it cant get any better than that.

How to unlock your phone

In this you will see how to unlock your HTC 10 on T-Mobile (USA). You can still unlock your phone on another network, just follow the instructions here.

Carefully read the instructions below.

You need to submit the correct information in the form at the very end of this post.

- IMEI number – find your IMEI number by calling *#06# on your phone or go to “about device” in your settings menu.
- The country where your device is from.
- An email address where we can send instructions to.

It’s very important that you send us your correct IMEI. If you don’t send us a correct IMEI, we can’t unlock your phone and we can’t offer you a refund. So be sure to double-check the IMEI and make sure you send the correct one.

For us to unlock your HTC 10 it can take from as few seconds to as much as few business days. It all depends from the network and the original country of your device. The system will display an estimated time it takes for your IMEI when you check the availability. You can see the full instructions on how to unlock your HTC 10 here:

Please make sure your HTC 10 has an Internet Connection through Wi-Fi or Data and the T-Mobile sim card is inserted.

If you have received "Unlocked" message, please open the app called "Device Unlock".

For most phones you can find it in: Apps > T-Mobile > Device Unlock

With the App opened, click on "Permanent Unlock".

After a few seconds, the App will display "Unlock Successful".

Your device will restart and now you can freely use your T-Mobile device on other Carriers.

Put your new sim card in and please make a test call. If you need any help, feel free to ask us for assistance.

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