5 Cool Icons for the New HTC One

By admin | Published June 17th, 2013

Want to hold the beauty of the HTC One but don’t have enough money for it right now? Whilst you can’t get the sleek build quality of HTC’s new handsets, you can still change a few things here and then on your own phone thanks to the amazing open operating system Android.

Android gives owners the freedom to make their handsets look how they want them to, and with a few tweaks, you could be striving for the same beauty that is found on the HTC One.

One way to get such a beautiful operating system and home screen on Android is to change the boring icons you’re currently stuck with to more appealing icons that can fit in to any environment you could imagine.

Here we have a group of HTC icons that mimic the same ones you can find on the amazing HTC One, and they are all here to download for use on your smartphone.

Included in the icon pack is the HTC One camera icon, the HTC One notification icon, the HTC One settings icon, the HTC One Facebook icon, and the HTC One Play Store icon. With a few changes to your own system on your own Android phone, you’ll be able to achieve a look that looks similar to the wonderful HTC One and it won’t be an expense you can’t afford!

Having an Android phone allows you to be creative with how the smartphone looks- take these icons and you can make your phone stand out amongst the crowd- this is definitely something that will keep your phone looking nice and lively, so why not replace your old, boring icons with these ones?

These icons are released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
You are free to use them on both personal and commercial projects.

Download HTC ONE Icon Pack (PNG & ICO)


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