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By admin | Published November 27th, 2012

HTC J Butterfly Smartphone ReviewThough the HTC J is an interesting gadget, it is not the monster HTC J Butterfly, the 1080p five inches phone you may have heard about. This is a simple smartphone in comparison to its sibling.

However, it is good enough in a highly competitive and fast changing technology market. It is a phone which still holds its ground comfortably when surrounded by giants.

Its 4.3” qHD screen along with its double Snapdragon S4 makes it resemble the HTC One S. The looks are done on purpose for this gadget targets the market in Asia with its WiMAX connectivity, a utility that the One S does not sustain. It’s a sort of niche device that has been produced to keep the fast diminishing group of WiMAX users in a happy frame of mind.

The device is also being put up in other markets as just a 3G phone.  Let’s examine if these features can help it become really attractive to potential buyers.

HTC J Butterfly Design

The HTC J has the correct proportions for suitable hand use. It feels tough as any waterproof device would and is elegant besides. It is not marketed in Asia, its home, as such because of higher standards of gaining the waterproof tag, but in practice it is waterproof. The shielding lids on its jack and microUSB charging point to it being waterproof. The plastic HTC J has a glossy back. One can’t help comparing it to the HTC One S.

The HTC J looks nice and is well-built, but it doesn’t have the top quality feel of the One S. The device is also slightly thick and a bit heavier. It has three color choices -- you can choose from the white model or the red model or the black ones. It has a 0.37-inch thickness and weighs 137 grams, with an elegant, thin earpiece and three buttons just under the screen. This makes its functionality better.

HTC J Butterfly Display

The screen is 4.3” OLED display and has a resolution of qHD 540 by 960 pixel. That makes for a good 256ppi pixel density. The OLED panel gives a hint of blue and not perfect white. However, it provides deep blacks. The viewing angles are fine; the colors don’t fade away and even when used directly in the glare of the sun it is possible to utilize the handset with a degree of comfort. This makes it a better-than-average handset.

HTC J Butterfly - Interface, Functionality

The HTC J if fitted with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense 4.1. Its functions run in an extremely smooth way. Though Sense has improved as it has matured to 4.1, some glitches still remain, like the disproportionately large display apps settings button. Multitasking too remains card-based. But it has its advantages. To name some, the gadget’s customized options with many themes, fast entry to four apps and plenty of widgets that include the typical HTC Weather Clock.

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HTC J Butterfly - Processor, Memory

The HTC J has 1GB of RAM. It is powered by a 1.5GHz double core Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 225 graphics. The S4 chip is more power efficient and heats less than the Tegra 3. It gives high performances in almost all areas, which include games.  The device is equipped with 16GB memory but the user gets about 10GB of that. Internal storage, however, can be expanded by using microSD cards to 32GB.

HTC J Butterfly - Internet, Connectivity

Browsing is done on the Sense browser which sustains Adobe Flash and reflow of text. It is easy to scroll fast and to zoom in and out in the HTC J. The user gets a reading mode that knocks off the images and ads and provides him with just the text. The user’s browsing needs are kept private. The user is also able to download from Google Play any other browser. One would select Chrome but the freedom of choice remains with the user and this is a valuable asset.

HTC J Butterfly Camera

Photography is one of HTC J’s solid points. The 8-MP camera with LED flash includes an ImageChip which makes the entire picture taking process fast. In less than one second from pressing the button an image is captured. Sense has a vast range of options for camera lovers.

The HDR mode it features gets finest vibrant variety when clicking contrasting objects. An explosive shot mode can capture some 99 successive images. Sense is thus a terrific interface for the camera as well as the images. It is fine tuned to run smoothly, besides adding a few clever animations. The user can get fundamental editing choices besides effects that are known as filters. Thus great image quality and lot of detail, plus vibrant range and perfect white balance is what the user gets. Colors are boosted to seem more vivid than real life ones, without going over the edge.

The phone allows non-stop automatic focusing and manual tapping which means the user can refocus when on the move. This is a novel function which very few phones have. The viewer can also snap still shots while video recording. Sense also allows video in slow motion. The quality is not exactly ideal but the option is really neat.

HTC J Butterfly - Call Quality, Battery

A smartphone is also a phone and its main function is that of a phone. And so, like any other phone, it must have good call quality. The user wants to talk to other people and listen to them also - in clear tones, for he is paying good money for that function. In short, the call quality must be up to the mark and even better in these days of high competition. On the HTC J the tone is loud and it has enough clarity. The user’s callers can hear the voice in its natural quality. No noises from the side creep into the system. But the output of the microphone is just slightly muffled. It falls just short of being great.

The handset is equipped with a 1,810mAh battery. This easily gets the users a full day of usage and lasts into the second day comfortably. The device’s battery is really quite bigger than the one on its sibling, the HTC One S. This makes the HTC J thicker but the user can be assured that his device won’t stop functioning just when he needs it.


We are examining the HTC J with an international outlook and not just as a WiMAX gadget that’s meant for the Asian markets. We are seeing it as an ordinary 3G phone. From this angle, it firmly stands out. The handset is waterproof. This feature makes it appealing. Besides, the gadget has one-handed usage convenience. It is also fast.

The camera software is great, like the camera itself. The qHD PenTile may be a slight disappointment. It does the job, but it is poor in comparison to the 720p plus displays that dominate the market.

The shiny plastic is also not appealing enough for everyone. If the user is looking for looks first and foremost, the slimmer One S is more attractive, especially since it has a tempting aluminum single body. If slimness is not what you only want, the HTC J has many appealing qualities. It will not be such a bad buy, after all.

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