HTC One Max vs LG G2

By admin | Published December 3rd, 2013

As the holiday and shopping season has officially begun, the newest smartphones will be competing head to head. This includes the latest flagships from HTC and LG. The One Max and LG G2 are two smartphones with very unique and distinctive features. While the One Max is one of the biggest phones out there, with its 5.9 inch screen, LG G2 has some remarkable new features. We’ll see which one is more likely to be on buyers’ radar this season.

Design and build

The HTC One Max can compete with most phablets, given its huge display. The LG G2 is much more compact with a 5.2 inch display and a thinner bezel. But size is not always an advantage, as bigger is not always better. Reaching the physical buttons on the One Max can take some getting used to. Also, the smaller LG G2 is easier to keep inside your pocket.

In terms of design, HTC kept the traditional look of the One. The full aluminum build feels solid in our hands. The physical buttons are now on the right side for easier access. On the back side, there is a fingerprint scanner, a new feature that ensures greater security. On the other hand, LG got rid of side buttons for the G2.

The physical buttons are located on the back, which is not a bad choice at all. But, the G2 has a polycarbonate body that doesn’t feel as good and solid as the HTC One Max. Overall, both phones have their pluses and minuses when it comes to design features.


As mentioned before, the size difference of the displays is the most obvious. However, both screens have the same resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. Also, they both use LCD technology which renders really vivid colors and enough brightness. There are only slight color differences, as the LG G2 seems to render colder tones. Both displays behave quite nicely in direct sunlight conditions. Overall, the high-quality displays are very similar, except the indisputable size difference that makes the HTC One Max a tough-to-beat competitor.

Under the hood

It’s surprising that HTC decided to use an older generation processor for its One Max, the Snapdragon 600. On the other hand, LG chose the newest Snapdragon 800 for the G2. The difference may not be noticeable to the regular user, but as time passes, a newer generation processor is a big advantage. The graphical unit is also better for the G2, as it uses the latest Adreno 330. Those that play lots of games will surely be able to see a difference. In terms of storage space, the One Max can have up to 64 GB through its micro SD card, while the G2 only has 32 GB of internal storage space.


Both phones run the Android Jelly Bean, but they couldn’t have more different interfaces. The One Max comes with the new Sense 5.5 interface which doesn’t look much different than the older Sense interfaces. However, functionality has improved as the user is able to get rid of the central BlinkFeed news aggregator. Still, the G2 with its much more colorful interface offers even more customization possibilities. You can do a lot more changes, as well as make use of the classic QSlide apps from the main screen. You can also swipe much easier between tabs. Overall, the LG G2 seems to offer a great user experience and better customization options than the One Max.


HTC didn’t go for a camera upgrade for its One Max. It’s still a 4MP camera without OIS and using the ultrapixel technology. The LG G2 actually has a 13 MP camera that does have optical image stabilization. This translates in better image quality, especially in low light conditions. The camera interface on the G2 is also more user friendly, being able to easily switch between different modes and features. The HTC One Max camera interface lets you tweak the settings, but only by going through different sub-menus. Overall, the image quality of the G2 is superior, rendering much sharper images and vivid colors. The OIS on the LG G2 also improves video quality by miles compared to the One Max.

Battery life

The LG G2 has a beefy 3000 mAh battery that gives quite enough battery life even for the most avid user. The HTC One Max has an even bigger 3300 mAh, which gives the smartphone around two to three days of usage.

Bottom Line

We can’t contest that both of these smartphones are really outstanding. Design quality and size are some of the biggest advantages of the HTC One Max. But the LG G2 has a better processor, a nicer interface and a great camera. If HTC went for more performance, the One Max would have surely won this battle. But it’s obvious that the G2 has enough going for it to be a very tough competitor. And the fact that its price is also lower can only be another indisputable advantage.

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