How to unlock LG Optimus F3 Ms659 from Metro PCS

By admin | Published February 26th, 2014

How to unlock LG Optimus F3 Ms659 from Metro PCS

The LG Optimus F3 can be a really cheap bargain if you buy it with a contract from Metro PCS, going as down as $30, but in spite of that you should never underestimate its capacities.

Although its design is simple and ordinary, its compact shape makes it easy to hold and its overall appearance is quite appealing, similar to the LG flagship devices. Its main camera has 5 megapixels and what is cool about the Optimus F3 is the microSD slot and a resistant 2650 mAh battery.

The LG Optimus F3 Ms659 from Metro PCS is a useful entry-level phone that you can rely on and in order to benefit freely of all its capacities we’re sure that you would like it to be unlocked. Using different SIM cards can be very important for many people, so we are here to give you the solution for unlocking your smart phone.

After buying your phone with a contract from Metro PCS it will surely be very costly to ask them to end the contract and unlock your phone, so you won’t find it useful to pay more than double the amount you paid on the phone just to unlock it. We have a much cheaper solution, read on to see what has to be done.

Phone Unlocking Guidelines

What you need to do is to research a bit about your phone, because we need some information in order to proceed with the unlocking. You have to provide us your phone IMEI number, the country of purchase and the network it is locked to.
The IMEI has 15 or 16 digits and you can read from the sticker on your phone’s battery or you can dial *#06# and receive it on your phone. Double or even triple check the IMEI number before you send it to us. It’s very important that we get the correct figure, as we cannot issue refunds.

Steps to unlock your phone

This is the information you have to provide to us in order to receive your unlock code:
- Your phone’s IMEI number - The country where you got the phone from
- The network your phone is locked to
- An email address so that we can send you the code

After you fill in this info you will receive after a short while an email with your unlock code. Take your phone, remove your locked SIM, insert a SIM from a different network and type in your unlock code in the required field. That’s all you have to do and your phone will be unlocked.

If you encounter any kind of problems while unlocking your phone, contact us and we will try to help.

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