LG Optimus F6 Review and Specs

By admin | Published September 15th, 2013

The flagship LG G2 got all the attention lately as being the best of the best that the Korean manufacturer has to offer. And it’s due to reach stores later this month. But T-mobile announced that the new mid-ranged LG Optimus F6 will also be available this month. It was released just earlier this week as an exclusive T-Mobile handset, along with the G2 and Optimus F3.  74VJHRGPZX9S

The Optimus F6 may just be second-best to the G2. But it could also be a great choice for those looking to buy a premium quality phone on a budget. And with 4G LTE support and its Snapdragon processor, Optimus F6 proves itself as a genuine competitor. Let’s see if it can rise up to expectations in all departments.

Design and build

The LG Optimus F6 keeps the standard design of the LG mid-range series. This means that it’s a pretty stylish phone. We especially like the dark blue and digital pattern on the back cover. The build is full-plastic in order to keep its price down, but it is a great quality one nonetheless.  

  • In adition to the usual buttons you’ll find on a Samsung, the Optimus F6 also has an IR port and a Quickbutton that instantly opens the QuickMemo application. The great thing is that this button can be configured, offering more flexibility to the user. You can choose to launch any other application instead of the QuickMemo.
  • On top, you can find the 5MP digital camera and LED flash close to the headphone jack. You also have a 1.2 MP front-facing camera that can be used for video chat.

So design wise, the Optimus F6 is definitely up to standards with the newest smartphones out there.


  • The Optimus F6 has a IPS LCD 4.5-inch screen that is certainly large enough. That means a pretty decent mid-ranged 540x960 qHD resolution at 245 ppi.

But the best feature in our opinion is the rendering of true-to-nature colors. That means more accurate colors that are pleasing to the eye, as well as crisp images. It may not be the top-of-the-line display compared to flagship smartphones, but it can surely compete with the best of them.

Power and memory

  • The Optimus F6 features a decent dual core Snapdragon processor at 1.2 Ghz. So in terms of power, it has a good-enough performance, being able to support all the various applications. The down side is memory. Out of 4 GB internal storage, the user gets to use less than 1 GB. 400 MB is occupied by the already installed apps, and if you choose to download any more, memory problems could be encountered.

The solution would be to buy extra storage through microSD up to 32 GB. However, if you’re not a data junkie, you can live with the given memory specs. On the plus side, the overall UI experience is a good one thus far.


Battery life is definitely one important aspect for many users. The phone features a 2460 mAh battery. According to the manufacturer, the LG Optimus F6 can withstand two weeks of stand-by and more than eight hours of talk time. That remains to be established by long term users though, as snapping pictures or constant app using could result in less battery life.


  • As we previously mentioned, the Optimus F6 has a 5 MP auto-focus camera that promises crisp pictures even in low-lighting conditions. It also has some nice additional features like voice trigger, Time Catch, face detection or HDR.

However, preliminary testing revealed that the camera is not entirely up to par. The pictures were somewhat overexposed and too even, as if not being able to focus on the right object. The crispness was definitely lacking. Also, low-lighting conditions led to some very pixelated pictures, below what we would expect with a back side illumination feature.

On the other hand, the camcorder seems to behave quite nicely. It can record videos at 1080p, which is quite good for a mid-range smartphone. So all in all, the camera performance isn’t an award-winning one, but still acceptable for the general user.


  • The Optimus F6 runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, keeping in line with the standard UI style that LG users are used to.

The advantage is that the UI is highly customizable, which gives users a chance to get rid of unwanted apps. In terms of software, the Optimus F6 doesn’t have all the latest LG innovations that are reserved for their flagships. But it is still equipped with some pretty good apps and features, including the aforementioned QuickMemo for taking notes. Also, it has QuickTranslator, VuTalk and QSlide, as well as some T-Mobile apps.


One department where Optimus F6 doesn’t lack is connectivity. Probably the best thing about it is that it runs on the 4G LTE network. That means high-speed internet and wider coverage.

  • The Optimus F6 also supports all connection types, such as Bluetooth, Infrared, Wifi, USB, GPS, NFC, Mobile Hotspot and PC Sync. In addition, the Optimus F6 surprises with an extremely good sound quality.

Bottom Line

Essentially, the LG Optimus F6 is a cost-effective option that can definitely compete with the pricier premium smartphones. Although it lacks in camera capabilities, it offers great connectivity, great call quality and a solid overall performance. As a medium-tier phone, it certainly does offer a lot of the perks that high-end smartphones usually do.

  • So for those looking for great value on a budget, the Optimus F6 could be the smart choice to make.  

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April 15th, 2014 at 19:15
Daila says:
I am having storage problem and the internet, Google services, and apps are kinda slow. I was told three time that this phone was on call back however my parents insisted on buying it for me. When I told them that is was on call-back they said "says who".....and I heard that it was on call-back from MetroPCS. Of course they are right. But no one listens.
December 17th, 2013 at 08:53
Cristi says:
Yeah...I have the some problems with it! Don't buy this s***
December 16th, 2013 at 22:09
MacAdam says:
Do NOT buy this phone! The LG F6 Optimus will not use external SD card when it should, and runs out of memory and storage constantly. The Errors you will continue and constantly receive are "Low memory space" and "Storage space is running out". You have to constantly and manually move files and folders from the phones internal memory to the external - otherwise phone will not work. I am very upset with this purchase! Note: I've returned the phone 3 times on 4th LG F6 Optimus Phone now, and th

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