7 New Android and iPhone Apps for July

By admin | Published August 5th, 2015

iOS: Help Me Focus ($0.99)

Help Me Focus is a new iOS application that can be picked up for $0.99. As the name suggests, this app is designed to help you focus on tasks, work and studying. This app encourages you to work for short bursts and rewards you with quick breaks between each burst of work, and provides the tools for you to follow this type of productivity.

iOS: Bricolage ($2.99)

Bricolage is currently only available for iOS and it costs $2.99. For this 3 dollar price tag, you’re given an application that can provide users with over 100 photo and video effects for after-shot editing. Bricolage certainly takes editing your photos and videos into a more serious direction.

iOS: Bighead Selfie (Free)

Bighead Selfie is a free app and whilst it sounds like some kind of humorous avenue for you to make fun of your own selfies, it’s functionality is actually a lot different. With Bighead Selfie, you’re encouraged to take a selfie every 24 hours.

The app will then collect all of your selfies and create a timelapse for you. You could potentially take a selfie everyday for 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years and see how you change over time.

iOS: Pushfor (Free)

Pushfor is a cool application that gives you the ability to send content, such as images, documents or text based messages to your contacts. Pushfor gets interesting because you can erase the files you send over at any point - when you do this, even the user you send the file to will lose access to it.

This app is great for sending temporary files or content with your colleagues, clients or even your friends.

Android: AZ Camera (Free)

There are dozens of good alternative camera apps for Android and AZ Camera is one of them. With AZ Camera you are given manual control over SO, Focus, Exposure, White Balance, and Shutter Speed and all of these things are given a large degree of control.

Android: Kolektio (Free)

If you’re planning an event, a party or a social gathering, Kolektio could be a great way to share moments of the event with those attending.

The idea with Kolektio is that everybody attending an event can join an event group you create on the app - once you’ve done that you can take photos of the event and all participating members will get to see your photos and share their own photos as well.

Android: Hooks (Free)

Sometimes it’s good to set reminders without having to get your alarm to go off at weird times in the day, and Hooks provides the ability for you to do that. With Hooks, you can create notifications that will go off at certain times.

These notifications act like standard Android notifications but you can customize them to include any information. A reminder for social events, timings for school or work, or even when a new TV program starts are examples of how to use Hooks productively.

Hopefully some of these new apps have taken your interest! If you need to unlock your smartphones just visit here!

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