How to Transfer your Android Contacts and Data to an iPhone

By admin | Published April 9th, 2015

Moving over to a new phone may sound like a pain, but there are a surprisingly large amount of tools available that will help you to transfer your Android contacts and data to an iPhone or another phone of choice. In this article, we’ll explain how you can move all of your important contact data onto your brand new device.

If you would like to transfer your contacts, email and calendar information to a new iPhone, follow these steps.

Android Steps

Step 1 - On your Android, navigate to the settings menu.
Step 2 - In the settings menu, navigate to Accounts.
Step 3 - In the Accounts menu, navigate to Google.
Step 4 - On the next page, tap on the email account you use as your main account.
Step 5 - Make sure all of the options on this page, such as calendar, contacts and email are all synced. If they are, there will be a green tick next to each option. If they are not, tap on each option to set up syncing.

iPhone Steps

Step 1 - After following the above steps, move over to your iPhone and navigate to the settings menu.
Step 2 - Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Step 3 - In the “Accounts” section, tap Add Account.
Step 4 - Tap the Google option.
Step 5 - Enter the details the page asks for, including your name, your Google email, your Google password, and a description for future reference.
Step 6 - Once it has logged in, your iPhone will give you the option to check or uncheck certain settings. Make sure to check everything you’d like to transfer to your iPhone, including the contacts, mail and calendars options.
Step 7 - Your contacts, mail, calendar dates and other data will have now been transferred to your iPhone.

We hope that this has helped you to move over to a new iPhone device. If you are simply moving over to a new Android device, there are plenty of tools in the app store to help you out. Visit here to unlock your Iphone device.

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