iPhone 6S Plus Review

By admin | Published October 27th, 2015

Apple has recently refreshed their iOS lineup with two brand new devices. We now have the iPhone 6S and the bigger iPhone 6S Plus. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the latter and giving our thoughts on the device as a whole. Check out our iPhone 6S Plus review below.

Build Quality

Let’s first talk about the build quality of the iPhone 6S. Being the second smartphone by Apple to ever feature such a large display size, the build quality of the 6S is very important. It’s even more so that Apple get things right this time when we consider that the original 6 Plus had a lot of issues with it’s build.

The biggest problem with the 6 Plus was that it had a terrible bending issue and it was possible for the device’s frame to snap in places. Fortunately, the iPhone 6S Plus is a little thicker than the model it was based on and as a result the build quality is a lot more durable. Strangely though, the iPhone 6S Plus is actually lighter than the original, despite being a tiny bit thicker.

The appearance of the device is very similar though, so in simple terms, it still looks great. If you need to unlock your iphone handset just visit the lists here!


Obviously the display on the iPhone 6S Plus is the biggest selling point over the standard 6S, and at 5.5 inches it’s definitely pretty large. Apple has finally upped their resolution game to be in-line with many Android smartphones, and the 1080x1920 resolution on the 5.5 inch display gives the iPhone 6S Plus a decent 401ppi.

Colors are very accurate on the iPhone 6S Plus and it performs better out in the sun than the 6 Plus did. The display isn’t as high resolution as the LG G4 or the super high resolution Xperia Z5 Premium, but it’s still very decent. If you need unlock codes to unlock Iphone 6S plus just click here!


So, what about the software on the iPhone 6S Plus? Well, when comparing it to any of the last few iPhones, nothing will be different because all of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 lineups have been given the latests iOS 9 treatment. When compared to Android, however, there’s a lot to talk about.

An iOS 9 overview deserves an article of it’s very own, but we’ll try to give some basics here without going too over the top. The iOS interface is mostly the same, although a bit more effort has been made to allow users to make their user experience feel more custom to themselves.

iOS 9 also includes two new apps, News and Notes, which are pretty self explanatory. All in all, iOS 9 has been a decent update without any drawbacks, although there aren’t many big talking points either. iOS 9 is just a nice, smooth-running operating system.

3D Touch

Finally, we’d like to touch on one more aspect of the iPhone 6S Plus. 3D Touch is a new feature that allows a new medium for users to interact with their device. With 3D Touch, the smartphone can depict how hard a display is being pressed, and this can be used to create new actions.

On top of the standard short press and long press, 3D Touch adds the additional hard press and short press options too. As it stands right now, only a few selected Apple apps support 3D Touch, so it’s not a phenomenal feature just yet, but once developers start finding ways to implement it into their own applications, it could really open up news ways for us to use a smartphone interface, despite the idea being so basic.

So there we have it, the iPhone 6S Plus is a pretty marginal upgrade to the smartphone before it, but it’s fixed some pretty major issues, meaning that there is very little to complain about this time round.

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