The new Android Microsoft Outlook App

By admin | Published June 23rd, 2014

It seems that Microsoft decided to bring its Outlook Web App to Android also, making it available to some devices. It offers the same features as the version for iOS but it is limited to Android KitKat 4.4 users.

Owners of Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy Note 3, of Nexus 5, Moto X and Sony Xperia Z1 and ZL can benefit of the Outlook app, but the list will be soon enlarged according to the users’ requirements. You can unlock your smartphone here!

The app is currently in a prerelease period which is destined to fixing bugs and testing. The app is programmed to sync with all the contacts from the list in your device and also to update the info for people who change their phone number.

For the time being, the app is limited to users of Office 365 for business, not available yet for personal accounts.

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