How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 for European Networks

By admin | Published April 26th, 2018

Regardless of whether you purchased your Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) on contract or pay as you go, it would have likely been locked onto one European network such as O2, EE, 3Three, SFR, Mobilcom, Movistar or other by the network company. Companies do this as it is a successful way to keep hold of customers for many years, as many assume that it is either hard to unlock or do not realise it is an option.

We are not only able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy A8, so click here for a full list of phones that we can help you with.

To carry out the unlocking process, you do not need to have any technical skills at all. Absolutely anyone can complete it at home by themselves and all you will need is an internet connection, your phone and the new SIM card that you are wanting to use.

But why should you bother unlocking your Samsung Galaxy A8 ? Because the Galaxy A8 is one of the best phones out on the market currently. The phone runs on Android 7.11 and it boasts a very good screen size of 5.6”. You have chosen whether you would like the Single SIM or Dual SIM based on your preferences and it also has great water and dust proofing to with IP68 certification.

Lastly, the phone has the Always-on Display with protection of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Locating Your IMEI Number

Before you do anything else, please find out the IMEI number of your specific phone. Please do not attempt to use any other IMEI number as it will simply not work. If you do not provide your unlock provider with your IMEI number, the unlock code will be invalid.

Follow the below tutorial to guide you through finding your IMEI number.

1. Click the “Settings” button, located on your Home screen
2. Tap “About Device”
3. Click on the “Status” button
4. Click on the “IMEI Information” button
5. Your IMEI number will now be shown on your screen

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) Phone from any European GSM Network

Now that you have the IMEI number handy, you can now go ahead and find yourself an unlock code provider who can supply you with the code you need. When searching online, make sure that you find a provider who will give you a good deal and is reliable. There is nothing worse than paying for the service to find out the code is invalid.

You should now have your unlock code to go ahead and do the next steps below, so if you do not yet have it you should do this now before continuing any further.

Follow the instructions below once you have your code to hand.

1. Switch your phone off
2. Take out the SIM card
3. Insert your new SIM card
4. Switch your phone back on
5. You will not be asked for the unlock code
6. Enter in the unlock code provided
7. Your phone will now be successfully unlocked for you to use immediately

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