How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 for Rogers Canada

By admin | Published April 26th, 2018

At the time of purchasing your Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) you would have known that it was going to be locked onto Rogers network. While you would have been happy with the network then, you may not be now which has prompted you to look into unlocking it.

Unlocking your phone will allow you to keep the Samsung Galaxy A8 working with the Rogers sim card but also open you up for better deals elsewhere that you have been previously missing out on. But you do not need to miss out anymore!

By keeping your Samsung Galaxy A8, you will still benefit from the Always-on Display, Corning Gorilla Glass and water/dust proofing that has been given IP68 certification. The 5.6” phone comes in two versions, the Single SIM or Dual SIM, which you would have purchased based on your preferences.

Now that you are aware you can unlock your phone, there is nothing holding you back as you do not need any technical skills and it can simply be done at home with nothing other than your phone, an internet connection and your new SIM card.

We are not only able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy A8, so please click here for a full list of phones we can unlock.

Finding Out Your IMEI Number

The first thing you should be doing is finding out the IMEI number for your phone. It is important that you find out the IMEI number of your specific phone as every phone in the world has a unique number that only represents that one phone.

This number is what will end up generating your unlock code and creating a valid one.

Follow the below tutorial to find out your IMEI number.

1. Click onto the “Settings” button, which is located on your Home screen
2. Tap on “About Device”
3. Click “Status”
4. Click on the “IMEI Information” button
5. Your IMEI number will now be shown on your screen

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) Phone from Rogers Canada

Now that you have your IMEI number written down, you can now go ahead and look for an unlock code provider online. Make sure that you go with one that is trustworthy and gives you a good deal.

Before continuing on, you need to have your unlock code to hand. If you do not have one yet, please go and do this now.

Now that you have an unlock code, you can complete the below steps.

1. Switch your phone off
2. Remove the SIM card
3. Insert your new SIM card
4. Switch your phone back on
5. You will now be asked for the unlock code
6. Enter in the unlock code provided
7. Your phone will now be successfully unlocked for you to use

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