How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 for T-Mobile USA

By admin | Published April 26th, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy A8 boasts a 5.6” screen with Always-on Display, Corning Gorilla Glass and comes with IP68 certification for dust and water proofing. You would have got to choose from either the Single SIM or Dual SIM version, based on what you need or would like.

When you purchased this phone, you would have been aware that it was going to be locked onto just the one network, perhaps this network was right for you then but no longer is. Whichever your reason for unlocking is, one thing that is for sure is that it offers you many benefits. You can keep your existing phone without need to change as well as get a range of better deals elsewhere.

But why do networks lock their phones? Simply, it gets them more money! As most people tend to not unlock their phone at home (for a variety of reasons) it almost guarantees them customers for life or until they move on.

With our easy to follow guide, you do not need any technical skills to complete the unlocking procedure. All you need is your mobile phone, your new SIM card and an internet connection.

The brilliant thing about T-Mobile is that they have brought out an “Device Unlock” app which you can download directly onto your phone. This makes the entire process much easier as it takes away the need for purchasing an unlock code from a provider online. It also cuts out the risk that the provider is untrustworthy.

The already hassle free procedure has just got much more simpler!

What You Need

All you need to complete the unlocking process is an account with T-Mobile USA and having downloaded the device unlock app onto the phone you wish to unlock – in this case, it is your Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018). But before you do anything else, you need to ensure the app has been installed correctly so it is ready to use.

Requesting a Device Unlock

Now that you have installed your device unlock app, you can get using it immediately for finish the easy unlocking process. This is the final step in the procedure.

1. Switch off your phone
2. Remove your SIM card
3. Insert your new SIM card
4. Open up the “Device Unlock” app
5. Click continue
6. Wait while your phone connects to the server
7. Select which phone unlock type you need from, “Permanent Unlock” and “Temporary Unlock”
8. Once clicked, it will take a few minutes for your phone to request the unlock
9. Once your phone has been successfully unlocked, restart your phone
10. You can now use your phone on your chosen network

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