How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 for USA Networks

By admin | Published April 26th, 2018

Why should you even bother unlocking your Samsung Galaxy A8 from USA networks such as AT&T, TMobile, Cricket, MetroPCS and more? Not only can unlocking your phone save you a lot of money each year but enabling you to shop around for deals with other network providers, it is better than selling on your phone for a new one.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 runs on Android 7.11 and has a good screen size of 5.6”. Based on your preferences, you have either a Single or Dual SIM and it also has great water and dust proofing too. But one of the best bits may be the Always-On Display for some users and that it has been protected with Corning Gorilla Glass as well.

From the moment you purchased your Samsung Galaxy A8, you would have known that it was locked onto just the one network provider. The reason why this happens is because networks know that not many people will go to the effort of unlocking their phone, therefore remaining with them. However, this was the case until recent years and people have become aware that unlocking your phone is so easy – too easy not to!

Not only can we unlock your Samsung Galaxy A8 from USA gsm networks, so click here for a full list of phones that we can also unlock.

To complete the unlocking process, you do not need any technical skills. Anyone can do it at home and all you will need is an internet connection, your phone and the new SIM card that you are wanting to use.

Locating Your IMEI Number

The first step in this unlocking procedure is to find out your IMEI number. It is important that you should use your phones unique IMEI number as no other one will work or provide you with an unlock code that is valid.

Follow the below guide for finding your IMEI number.

1. Click the “Settings” button, located on your Home screen
2. Tap “About Device”
3. Click on the “Status” button
4. Click on the “IMEI Information” button
5. Your IMEI number will now be shown on your screen

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) Phone

After you have jotted down your IMEI number, you should now find an unlock code provider who can give you the best deal on a code.

Now that you have an unlock code, you can go ahead and complete the steps below.

Follow the instructions once you have your code to hand.

1. Turn off your phone
2. Remove the SIM card
3. Insert your new SIM card
4. Switch your phone on
5. You will now be asked for your unlock code
6. Enter in the unlock code provided
7. Your phone will now be successfully unlocked for you to use

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