How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime AT&T USA

By admin | Published February 15th, 2017

If you purchased your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime on contract, then it is most likely to be locked to a particular network provider. Most companies are choosing to lock their devices onto their specific network to try and keep you as their customer, however customers are now looking for ways to unlock their devices. This is where this article will assist you.

By the time you have read this article you will have all of the information you require in order to unlock your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, onto any network provider of your choice. The unlocking procedure is very quick and simple; it also does not require you to have any particular technical skills as everyone with a phone can do it.

All you need is a few bits of information, your device and a SIM card that is compatible to the network you wish to be on. As soon as you have performed the unlocking procedure, you will be able to access your new network immediately. If you need to unlock your Galaxy J7 Prime we can assit you anytime just click here!

It is clear why someone wouldn’t want to switch phones when the simple solution is to just unlock it, especially with the Galaxy J7 being an excellent phone. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime features a pretty decent primary camera of 13 megapixels. The camera includes touch focus, panorama and face detection. We can unlock other phone models just check here!

The device runs the Android OS, v6.0.1 operating system and is available in both black and gold colors. The 5.5” device also features a fingerprint sensor and comes with 3GB RAM memory. The Galaxy J7 also has a microSD slot and requires a dual SIM.

My IMEI Number

The first piece of information you need to obtain is your IMEI number. For each phone, there is a unique IMEI number associated with just that individual device. Finding your IMEI is easy but necessary to performing the unlocking procedure, on most phones. Follow the instructions below on how to find your IMEI number.

1.    On the Home screen, click “Settings”
2.    Click on the “About device” button
3.    Tap the “Status” button
4.    Tap the “IMEI Information” button
5.    Your IMEI number will now be displayed on your screen

How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

You will find a range of providers online who you could purchase an unlocking code from, it is just a case of doing a quick search and finding the best one for you. Make sure you choose to purchase the code of a trusted provider to ensure that the code you buy is valid and shop around to get the best deal you can.

The procedure is extremely simple and follow the below tutorial on how to carry out the unlocking of your device.

1.    Switch off your phone
2.    Remove your SIM card
3.    Insert your new SIM card and switch your phone back on
4.    You will now be asked to enter the unlock code
5.    Type in the code you were given
6.    Your device will now be unlocked

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