How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Rogers Canada

By admin | Published February 24th, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has a range of great features to offer its consumer. The device features a brilliant primary camera that has 13 MP and comes with touch focus, panorama and face detection.

The Galaxy J7 Prime compromises a built in fingerprint sensor for your security and runs off Android OS, v6.0.1. The phone comes with up to 3GB RAM of space and a microSD card slot for added memory. The Galaxy J7 Prime requires a dual SIM card and is available in both black and gold colors.

Regardless of whether you bought your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime brand new, second hand, on contract or pay as you go, your phone was most probably locked at the time you purchased it.

Locking devices onto particular networks is a method that network providers use in order to keep their customers. Although, customers are now figuring out that not only is it possible to unlock your phone at home but that it is also pretty straightforward. If you need unlockcode for your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime just visit here for the complete instructions!

Once you have finished reading this article you will have all of the information that you require in order to carry out a successful unlocking procedure.

The unlocking process could not be simpler as absolutely anyone can do it. There are no skills required in technology, you just need you a few bits of easily accessed information, your phone and your brand new SIM card that is compatible for your chosen network. We can unlock other phone models too check it out here the lists!

Once you have unlocked your phone, you are able to use it immediately onto your new network.

How to Find Your IMEI Number

Before you can carry out any other steps in this unlocking process, you need to first find your IMEI number and make a note of it. Your unlock code provider will need this vital piece of information in order to give you the correct unlock code that will work on your particular phone.

1.    Click the “Settings” button, found on your Home screen
2.    Tap the “About Device” button
3.    Tap on the “Status” button
4.    Then click “IMEI Information”
5.    Your IMEI number should now be displayed on your screen

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

There are a wide range of unlock code providers out there and they can all be found by being searched online.

Choose carefully as you want to purchase your unlocking code from a trusted provider who will give you a correct and working code. Also, do not go with the first provider you find, shop around and get the best deal.

The following steps are very straightforward and if you carry out all of the steps correctly, you will be able to successfully unlock your device.

1.    Switch off your phone
2.    Remove your SIM card
3.    Insert your brand new SIM card
4.    Switch your phone back on
5.    A message will be displayed, asking for your unlock code
6.    Enter your unlock code in where prompted
7.    Your phone will now be successfully unlocked

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