How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for AT&T

By admin | Published September 16th, 2015

The Galaxy Note 5 is now available on AT&T - this device features some of the best Samsung TouchWiz features, as well as some included Note features with addition to the S Pen functionality. The hardware, camera and display are also at the very height of Android technology in 2015.

How to unlock your phone

When you purchase your Galaxy note 5 for AT&T you’ll find that it is locked to this network. This means that you cannot use it on any other network. There is a solution for this problem. With our service and guide below, you’ll be able to get your Note 5 unlocked for all networks in no time.

Here’s the information we’ll need from you.

- IMEI number -  This can be found by dialing *#06# on your Galaxy Note 5. You can also find it in “about device” in the settings menu
- The country your device is from
- The name of your device
- An email address that we can send the unlock code to

DO NOT PROVIDE THE WRONG IMEI NUMBER! This is crucial. The wrong IMEI number will generate an unlock code that does not work for your device. We cannot offer a refund in this case.

Please give for up to 1-3 business days for your order to be processed. If you need full detailed instructions to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5 just visit here!

Once processed, your unlock code will be sent to the email you provided us with. Got your unlock code? Great! Follow the guide below to unlock.
-    Turn off your Note 5.
-    Take out your AT&T SIM card.
-    Insert a SIM card that is not from AT&T. (T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon for example.)
-    Turn your Note 5 back on.
-    The Note 5 will display a page that asks for an unlock code.
-    Enter the unlock code we sent you via email.
-    Your Note 5 will now be unlocked.

Get this process to work? Great! If not, give us a buzz.

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