How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime for European Networks

By admin | Published April 26th, 2018

This how-to article is here to give you all the information you need in order to successfully unlock your mobile phone, first time. Anyone can complete our easy-to-follow guide for unlocking their mobile phone and there is no need to have any technical skills at all.

Not only can we successfully unlock your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime, but we can also unlock a huge range of devices from gsm networks such us EE, O2 UK, 3Three, SFR France, Mobilcom Austria, Movistar Spain, Orange, Vodafone and many more. Click here for more information.

Whether you purchased your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime on contract or pay as you go, you would have known that it was locked to one network. But you are now looking to change networks and unlock elsewhere – the benefits to this are endless. Network companies lock their phones because it is a brilliant way to ensure they keep their customers for as long as possible. However, customers are now finding out that unlocking their devices is so easy – too easy to ignore.

All you need to complete our unlocking guide is your phone, an internet connection as well as the SIM card that works on your chosen network.

The Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime boasts a decent 5.5” screen with a superb 64GB storage. You will never tire of taking photos with your two 13MP cameras on both the front and rear either! The system of your phone runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and is also comes able to use Dual SIM, if you ever need.

Finding Out Your IMEI Number

Before you carry on with our guide, please make sure that you know your IMEI number for the phone. You need this information to give to the unlock code provider, otherwise they will not be able to help you. Every IMEI number in existence is unique to your own phone, so please do not use anyone else’s – even if they have the same make and model.

Follow the steps below:

1. Click “Settings” which is on your Home screen
2. Click on “About Device”
3. Click “Status”
4. Click on “IMEI Information”
5. Your IMEI number will now be on screen

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime from any gsm network from Europe

With your IMEI number on hand, you can now progress onto the steps below to finish the unlocking process. You are able to use the unlock code straightaway:

1. Turn off your phone
2. Take out your SIM card
3. Insert your new SIM card
4. Switch your phone on
5. Enter your unlock code
6. Your phone is now successfully unlocked and ready to use

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