How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Rogers Canada

By admin | Published February 20th, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime has a good screen size of 5.5” and provides you with brilliant storage of 64GB. The phone also has two 13MP cameras on the front and back, so you will be able to create some great photos. The phones system runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and if you ever need to use two SIMs then you will be glad of the Dual SIM capabilities.

With all of that above, there is no wonder why you are wanting to unlock your phone rather than switch. With our easy guide, you can complete the process by yourself at home with no additional help – regardless of how tech savvy you are.

All you need is your phone, an internet connection and the SIM card you would like to use after you have unlocked onto your preferred network.

However, we not only can we provide help by unlocking your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime, we have a full list here of Samsung devices we can unlock.

When you purchased the Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime, you would have known that it was going to be locked onto the one network. However, for many reasons, you are now wanting to make the switch to being unlocked and reap the benefits of saving money and keeping your phone.

Locating Your IMEI Number

First, you need to find out what the IMEI number is for your specific phone. To find this out, just follow the steps below. Please do not use any other IMEI number than the phone on your phone as it is unique to you – you will just end up with a useless unlock code.

Dial *#06# or follow the steps below:
1.    Click “Settings”, on your Home screen
2.    Click the “About Device” button
3.    Click “Status”
4.    Click on “IMEI Information”
5.    Your IMEI number will now be on screen to use

Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime

Now that you have noted down your IMEI number, you can now go ahead and complete the steps below to unlock your phone, once you have purchased an unlock code.
1.    Turn off your phone
2.    Take out your SIM card
3.    Insert your new SIM card
4.    Switch your phone on
5.    Enter your unlock code
6.    Your phone is now successfully unlocked and ready to use

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