How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus T-Mobile USA

By admin | Published April 14th, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus runs off the operating system Android OS, v7.0 and has an excellent range of features to offer its consumer.

The features consist Samsung Pay, a Super AMOLED touchscreen and a fast battery charging rate. Furthermore, the iris scanner and fingerprint sensor only enhances the performance. The Galaxy S8+ has been given protection by IP68 certified dust and water resistance, the water proofing will protect your phone for up to 30 minutes in depths of up to 1.5 meters.

If the 64GB of internal storage memory is not enough for your usage requirements, then the additional microSD card slot will give you further storage expansion. The 6.2” smartphone comes in two different versions; a Single-SIM and Dual-SIM, as well as with two excellent cameras. The primary camera is 12MP while the secondary camera is 9MP. The phone has been further protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the back panels to ensure that the signs of wear and tear are minimized.

When you purchased your Samsung Galaxy S8+ you were most likely aware that you were buying a phone that had been locked onto one particular network provider. Network providers do this in order to keep a higher amount of customers, however performing unlocking procedures at home are on the rise.

This article will offer you all the information that you need in order to perform an unlocking procedure on your phone. Here's the list of phone that we can unlock check it out!

The process is incredibly simple and easy to do and the bonus is that you don’t require any special skills to do it, absolutely anyone can unlock a phone. All you need is some bits of vital information, that is easily accessed, and the SIM card you are looking to use on your phone.

Once your phone has been successfully unlocked you are then free to use it on your choice of network. If you need more instruction to unlock Galaxy S8 plus please visit here!

To make this process run a lot smoother T-Mobile USA have developed an innovative way of unlocking phones. T-Mobile have decided to no longer perform unlocking procedures in the typical way of purchasing a code and instead have created an unlocking app.

This new app allows the customer to unlock their phone simply by downloading their app and clicking a few buttons. This takes away the hassle of having to purchase an unlocking code.

What You Will Need

In order to carry out the unlocking procedure you will need to have a T-Mobile account and to have downloaded the app beforehand. So, before you try to carry out the unlocking procedure, go ahead and download the unlock app first. Once the app has been installed correctly you can then go on to the next step.

How to Request a Device Unlock

The process of performing the actual unlocking of your phone is very simple and all it requires is the use of your “Device Unlock” app.

The instructions below will walk you through all of the required steps to ensure it will be completed successfully.

1.    Switch off your phone
2.    Take out your SIM card
3.    Insert your brand new SIM card
4.    Turn your phone back on
5.    Scroll across your apps and select the “Device Unlock” app
6.    Click the “Continue” icon
7.    Your phone will then try to connect to the server
8.    Select from the list which type of device unlock you want
9.    The list includes ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary’ as the two options
10.    Wait a few minutes while your phone requests the unlock
11.    Once it has been success, restart your device

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