How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for European Networks

By admin | Published May 10th, 2015

The Galaxy Tab 4 is the latest 7 inch tablet from Samsung and it comes with a wide range of features. The latest Android OS and a Samsung TouchWiz overlay has been applied to the tablet, and it has 8 to 16GB of internal storage.

You can also use your Galaxy Tab 4 to browse the internet, watch videos and play games online. Unfortunately if you want to access the internet away from home you must use mobile internet. To do this you will need to use a SIM card on a network you aren’t locked to.

If you would like to use a different network, you can use our form below to order an unlock code. Our unlock codes allow you to use any European networks.

How to unlock your tablet

To order an unlock code from us you will need to provide us with some information about your tablet. Below, we have listed the information you’ll need. We also have the step by step instrucitons to unlock your Galaxy Tab 4 here!

IMEI number -  This can be found on the back of your device. You can also find it in “about device” in the settings menu
The country your device is from
The name of your device
An email address that we can send the unlock code to

You need to make sure to enter the right IMEI number! If you provide us with the incorrect IMEI number, the unlock code we send you will not work.

Whilst we try to send out our unlock codes as quickly as possible, it can take up to a few days for it to be sent out so please be patient. We send all codes via email.

To unlock your Galaxy Tab 4 for use on all European networks, you will need to insert a SIM card into your Tab 4. The SIM card you insert must be on a network you cannot yet use. Once you insert the right SIM card, switch on your tablet and a new screen will open. The screen will ask for a code once it has been turned on. Enter the unlock code we have sent to your email address and your Galaxy Tab 4 will be unlocked and ready to use on any European network!

Need some help? Message us and we shall try to help.

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