How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 for USA Networks

By admin | Published May 23rd, 2015

The Galaxy Xcover 3 is a new phone by Samsung that released in 2015. The Xcover comes with a 4.5 inch display, a quad core 1.2GHZ processor and 1.5GB of RAM. Most importantly though, the Xcover is IP67 certified dust and water resistant.

Your Samsung Galaxy Xcover will be locked to a certain network when you first purchase it and you will need to unlock it if you want to use it on another network. We do provide unlock codes but you will need to provide us some information about your device.

Below some instructions are given to help you use our form to provide us with the details we need to generate your unlock code. Please read here the full detailed instruction to unlock your Galaxy Xcover 3!

How to unlock your phone

You will need to find the following information to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 for all USA networks.

IMEI number -  This can be found by dialing *#06# on your phone. You can also find it in “about device” in the settings menu
The country your device is from
The name of your device
An email address that we can send the unlock code to

It is very important that you enter the information about your Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 correctly! If you enter in the wrong IMEI number when using our form the code we generate will not work. If this happens we cannot offer refunds.

We will prepare to send you an unlock code as soon as you have provided us with the information we need to generate the code. It can sometimes take up to a few days to send so please be patient.

You can unlock your Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 for all USA networks with the unlock code we send you. To unlock your Xcover 3 you must enter the unlock code. To do this, simply switch off your smartphone and insert a new SIM card into the device. The SIM card must be on a network that is not the same as the one you are currently using. Turn it back on and a new page will open asking for an unlock code. Enter the unlock code we sent you and your phone will now be unlocked.

If you are having trouble with this process, feel free to contact us.

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