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By admin | Published May 21st, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rogers Unlocking Solutions The Galaxy S4 is the best Galaxy phone yet. The hardware has improved significantly, meaning owners can make the most out of all the best high definition games on the market lag-free. Software features have improved to make the smartphone experience even more convenient, and the brand new HD display makes looking at the phone a real treat.

Wanting to get your Rogers Samsung Galaxy S4 unlocked? Contacting Rogers directly can end up costing more than you may expect, and it is often a long and boring process.

So read on to learn about a better alternative we have for you.

Once unlocked, you’ll be able to use the smartphone on any network across the globe, and you’ll be able to through your Rogers SIM and all it’s expensive packages in the bin.

Unlocking your Rogers Galaxy S4 is super easy to do with SafeUnlockCode. We make sure things are safe, simple and easy for anybody to do- even if you have no tech knowledge. It’s 100% guaranteed to work- or your money back!

Once we send you the 8 digit network code and your easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to unlock your Galaxy S4 in just two minutes!
If you are looking to unlock a different phone- check our A-Z list.

Easy-to-Follow Guidelines

To get your Rogers S4 unlocked, you’ll need to send us the following info:
1.    IMEI Number- Your IMEI number is a 15 or 16 digit code that is unique to your handset and will be needed in the unlocking process. Find it by dialing *#06# or by reading it from the sticker found underneath your battery
2.    Choose your country- Make sure you give us the correct country that your Galaxy S4 was purchased from
3.    Network- Choose Rogers as your network to ensure we get you the right unlock code
We cannot make any refunds after you’ve entered your IMEI number and the order starts processing- make sure to enter the details correctly!

Steps to Unlock

Step 1
Send us the following information-
-    IMEI number- 15 or 16 digit code
-    Country- the country you bought your handset
-    Network- the mobile network your phone is locked to
-    Email- We’ll need this so we can send you our unlock code
Step 2- check availability and pricing options
Step 3- Finalize order
Step 4- You will receive your unlock code as soon as possible
Step 5- unlocking your handset

To unlock your handset, you’ll need to enter a non-Rogers SIM card into your S4, turn on the phone, and enter the 8 or 16 digit code we sent you when the unlock code page presents itself to you. After entering the correct code, your phone will become unlocked!

If you have any problems with the unlock process, you can contact us for help.

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tony says:
I did what I was told for the imei code ,got it from my phone I type it in and get message invalid code what now

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