Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating?

By admin | Published May 16th, 2013
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating RumorsIf you’re the kind of person that carefully chooses what handset to buy then you may be a little disheartened to hear the woes of some Galaxy S4 users who have complained about the boiling temperatures that the Galaxy S4 is outputting.

According to some reports from users, the Galaxy S4 has exceeded temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius (or 122 degrees Fahrenheit) making it extremely uncomfortable to hold in the hand or up against your head whilst in a call.

Process heavy tasks like playing games or watching videos are the main culprit of the heating issues, as well as some odd cases of camera temperature problems.

One Galaxy S4 owner tracked the temperature on his phone, stating that it was at a pretty warm 27 degrees Celsius at idle, and raised to 35 degrees C when checking the internet or reading emails. It dropped to a hot 40 degrees C when playing games.

Users have reported that the temperature increase has a direct correlation to less battery life, and there’s no way of knowing what that heat could be doing to the electronics inside the phone.

It could be possible that these issues may be nailed out in future lines of Galaxy S4’s but if you have any problems, you may have to stick with it for the time being.

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