Samsung Galaxy Express - Worth the Expectation!

By admin | Published January 28th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Express ReviewIn this day and age, ensuring that your brand captures the market share of your competitors, it is important that a proper brand image is developed. This is because of the rivalry of Samsung and Apple that has led to Samsung inventing a new distinct look with the all new Samsung Galaxy S3.

The same look has been given to the Samsung Galaxy Note II as well, and now the Samsung Galaxy Express for AT&T has emerged with basically the same exterior looks that have become Samsung’s tradition.

With the prominent hard key labelled as the home button it is clearly evident that it has been given the same exterior features of the S3. The Galaxy Express boasts an Android 4.0 operating system and proves to be considerably affordable by getting priced at $99 on contract. However, the question is that can it prove to be a worthy contender against phones from LG, HTC and Pantech that offer the same specs when also being comparatively cheaper?


It is a fact that the Galaxy Express has been given pretty much the same looks as that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note II, with the hard key surrounded by a trim of chrome silver, as the home button and how can we forget; a large display with a silver speaker above it. It also hosts a capacitive menu and back key but is however diminutive in size than the Galaxy S3 due to its smaller screen which measures in at 4.5”. Adding more to the qualities that make it distinct from the Galaxy S3 is the more smoothed corners and no other colour option than coming in black.

For our preference, the volume rocker is a bit too small without the distinctive qualities of turning up the volume and lowering it. The microSD and SIM slots reside under the back cover, and have to be accessed by removal of the battery door. The speaker that resides at the back side; the right side, to be exact, is somewhat underpowered according to our preferences.

So like we said, the Galaxy Express is reminiscent to the flagship S 3 which is competing on all levels against the Apple iPhone line. It actually goes to show how much Samsung has really benefited from creating the S 3 because now they can very easily point to models such as Galaxy Express which have greatly benefited from the engineering master class that Samsung phones have received thanks to their competition with Apple.

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The weaknesses

As discussed earlier, even the phone has got all the right ingredients to be pushing for the top spot in its category, there are a few obvious things that will become somewhat of a nuisance for the end user of the phone.

•    The volume control keys have become a real nuisance for some people. The keys are considered to be too small for normal use and more often than not, the wrong key is pressed because of it being so small. Further complaints have also been received that the keys do not have any clear markings on them to show which key increases the volume and which decreases it. Sure the phone is high end technology and one of Samsung’s flagship phones of this price range, but it is small things like these that make a lot of difference.

•    The placement of the SD card and the SIM card beneath the battery leaves a lot to be desired. The SD card is still slightly acceptable, with it being  removed without having to remove the battery but the fact that you have to lift the battery completely out to remove the SIM can be considered as a major design blunder by the phone giant.

•    Samsung has always boasted as being the manufacturers of phones that you can use every day without any problem. Using the speaker of your phone is also one of the most important routines of your day. However the Galaxy Express speaker, mounted on the back right side leaves much to be desired.

In hand feel of the phone

Even though the in hand feel might change from person to person as obviously the shape and sizes of the palm changes, but on the average it is not dissimilar from any other device which has the same dimension as the Galaxy Express does.

Even though the phone is made entirely out of plastic, the craftsmanship of Samsung can be observed from the fact that it does not have any adverse effect on the appearance of the phone. Even if plastic is considered to be one of the cheaper forms of material one can use for finishing a handheld, the company has managed to do it in a way that no one can find a fault with.

The fact that plastic was the option that the company went for is because it gives you so much more manoeuvrability with the rest of the toys you fit in your handheld because plastic is so much lighter than anything else. And as we have already discussed before, the Galaxy Express is aiming to be one of those phones that become an instant hit because they are practical and easy to carry as compared to the heavy bulky ones which are doing the rounds in the market these days. The bulky phone may get bought for the fact that they look very exotic, but the everyday use phone tends to be something like the Galaxy Express.

The Display

The breathtaking display of a Samsung phone has slowly and surely become the forte of the company. The quality of the screen is nothing short of brilliant and the touch interface is also one to be lauded. Having said that, the resolution of the screen does leave much to be desired, this is because 480*800 resolution makes for only 207ppi which is nothing compared to the other phones in the same price range.

The screen also has some software problems as well; at least that is what we think they are. The home screen is known to flicker at times when we observed the phone keenly for a long period of time. This was very odd because we found that nothing of the sort happened when we moved away from the home screen. Hence the deduction that the problem was software based one and had nothing to do with the hardware. Having said that, it is still a problem that is going to frustrate people who have trusted Samsung with their money and expect better from the electronics giant. The problem was seen to have disappeared when we arranged the widgets of the android OS in a different manner but then again it would mysteriously appear on some other screen, more often than not the messaging screen which is enough reason for frustration.

Worth the expectation..

The phone can be said to be a phone that will do as you expect it to do, it will carry your bidding efficiently and loyally but don't expect to buy something like the S3 while paying for the Galaxy Express :)  Overall, we can say that it is a smart little phone which will not disappoint.

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