Sony Xperia L2 Review & Specs

By admin | Published February 20th, 2018

This Sony Xperia L2 is an entry level phone which offers the user great style with some of the excellent bells and whistles that you may like to see. With the selfie camera offering 120-degrees in width and a fingerprint scanner that for once works, it will not disappoint. Check out here how to unlock your new Sony Xperia L2

  • Design

This smartphone offers the typical Sony look but this time with a little twist on it. The phone has the rectangle front with a rounded frame as to be expected with a flap-drawer for the SIM card and microSD card. But this time, it has a curved back which makes holding the phone much more comfortable.

It has a decent 5.5” screen with the 16:9 ratio you see often and a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. This is not too great, but it did not bother us during the testing.
However, what did bother us was the cold tones and blue tint on the screen and screen brightness being far too low.

  • Interface and Functionality

Included with the phone comes a pre-installed movie creator which enables you to make pictures and clips within a highlights video to look back on. It also comes with PlayStation app so you can sync your console profile with the phone and an Xperia Lounge app which gives you vouchers and offers to keep you happy.
The system runs on Android 7.1.1 which is a tad disappointing not to see the Android 8 Oreo, but it does the job.

  • Hardware and Performance

The Sony Xperia L2 is powered by MediaTek 6737T, 3GB of RAM as well as a Quad-Core SoC that ticks at 1.5GHz. Overall, the phone performs very well without any issue however there is some choppiness when you use the Snapchat Lenses or watch a YouTube video.
It does all the basic smartphone tasks well, but it does have its limits, so do not expect miracles from it.

  • Camera

The camera on this model offers just the barebones of what other Sony phones do. With a 13MP sensor and 1.12um pixels with F2.0 lens aperture, it takes images without too much grain, but it is not too sharp. However, the images do come out with balanced colours but there is overall an issue with some shades of green that do not capture very well.
Also, night time pictures are not great either. For recording video, it has a continuous focus for all the action but there is little to no stabilization on the clips so make sure you do not move around too much.

  • Battery Life

The battery life on this phone is pretty great, it lasted almost 8 hours on our test. It comes with a power saving option called Ultra Stamina which turns off most of the features and disables most apps, which works at extending the battery life tremendously.

  • Conclusion

This Sony Xperia L2 is an entry level, affordable phone that is pretty great for anyone looking for their first smartphone. It makes sure that all the bases are covered but it does have its limits for what it can do.

With a large display, it is pretty great, but it does look cheap overall. But for an entry level phone, what else would you expect?

It performs pretty well with all the daily tasks but do not expect to be able to do any heavy gaming on the PlayStation app as this will be difficult.
Lastly, the camera does the job and produces some good photos, but it is nothing amazing.

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