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SafeUnlockCode - How it works?

How to Unlock Your Phone

At SafeUnlockCode we will generate based on the details provided the unlock code for your handset or we will unlock it via the device unlock app.

Unlocking by code or via application is one of the easiest and safest methods to sim free your phone including Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, SonyLG, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, iPhone, ZTE, Sharp, Lenovo (read more about sim lock here).

Please find below the full details needed to generate your codes:

1. IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). You can get the IMEI of your device by dialing *#06#

2. Phone model

3. Original Network ( please don't select the network you want to use after the unlocking)

4. Original Country

How to use the unlock codes?

For most of the phones, the unlocking process to enter the codes is very easy, just use the following steps:
1. Insert a sim card for a GSM phone into the sim slot from a non-accepted network and turn on your phone.
2. Once opened the phone will prompt to insert the network unlock pin.
3. Enter the unlock code sent by us and the phone should be now unlocked. 

Note: Please remember that for the latest phone models that require to be unlocked via device unlock application (TMobile, MetroPCS USA) there will be no codes generated. We will send an unlock status like ''Unlocked'' and full easy to follow instructions to complete the unlocking process.

If you do not know the original carrier of your phone you can order the carrier check service  on our website

Upon ordering we will send a confirmation email and then another email when the unlock code / the unlock status is available.  All order are completed within a reasonable time (Time limit apply).

Did you decide that you're ready to unlock your iPhone or Android phone? 

If it's a matter of switching US mobile carriers or to make it easy to exchange or sell it, unlocking your mobile phone is easy if you know where to start. 

What if you just forget your password? 

If you don't want to unlock your carrier restrictions to sell your handset, but instead you just forgot your password to get into the phone,  then follow these steps:

If you're looking for specific details about Free carrier unlocking directly from a United States Telecom company, then here's all you need to network unlock a mobile phone with the four major US mobile carriers:

Option 1: Use our quick online service here at SafeUnlockCode.com

Option 2: Request the original network carrier provider to unlock it for you.

Unlocking AT&T Phones 

How to unlock your phone on AT&T Carriers 

Below are the latest conditions required to be able to unlock your AT&T mobile: 

AT&T Unlock Requirements:

  • You must be an AT&T customer at the moment, or a previous AT&T customer who has the account number or phone number on your mobile must be charged in full. 
  • Your phone has not been registered stolen or lost. 
  • The phone has been registered previously for use on the AT&T network. 
  • There is also a cap to how many AT&T 

phones an individual customer can unlock within one year. 

Current customers are entitled to unlock up to five devices per account in good standing each year. 

Ex-customers can also unlock up to five phones per ex-account in good standing per year. 

For full specifics and updates on the eligibility criteria for unlocking an AT&T unit, please visit the AT&T Help page. 

If you fulfill the above criteria and can activate your AT&T smartphone, the best place to start is on the AT&T Smartphone Device unlock page on the AT&T website. 

Here you'll find all the details you need about the state of your account and phone. 

AT&T  details that you would need:

  • the phone number or  IMEI account of the phone. 
  • The IMEI number is the serial number of the unit.  It can also be located on the initial case, under the battery, on certain versions, on the back of the unit, by dialing *#06# or by heading to Settings > General > About. 

Check out AT&T's unlocking article

Unlocking Verizon Phones 

How to unlock your handset on Verizon Carriers Criteria to unlock your Verizon handset: 

Most of the smartphones sold by Verizon Wireless operate on GSM networks and CDMA networks.  Verizon has allowed this to make things easy for consumers to enjoy while going out of the country. 

Unlike several other large carriers, Verizon keeps the phone network locked for only 60 consecutive days from the initial activation date.  Pay your phone bill for two consecutive months, and your Verizon phone should get unlocked automatically over-the-air.  When an unlock code is required, you can contact Verizon support. As long as your bills are paid, they will unlock it for you.

Many Verizon smartphones that are 4 G LTE capable already and have a SIM slot come factory unlocked from the carrier. 

Many that possess non-4G-enabled smartphones that support SIM cards would need to unlock the smartphone. 

To request a SIM unlock service from Verizon directly, from within the USA, dial 1-800-711-8300 (Verizon  Global Support) and ask the agent to remove the sim lock. 

For further details on unlocking Verizon's devices, please visit Verizon's Mobile Unlocking Policy Web page. 

Requirements for Unlocking Verizon Phones

When calling Verizon customer service, you will Need: 

  • Phone Number of Key Account Holder 
  • Account Password (if any) Last four digits of Social Security Account Holder IMEI Number. You will find this by heading to Settings > General > About or by dialing * # 06 # 

You can also email Verizon to unlock your device. 

Unlocking T-Mobile Phones 

 T-Mobile has set up several criteria required to complete an unlock request. 

Fortunately, the specifications are very simple and identical to those of most other carriers. 

Requirements for unlocking the T-Mobile phone: 

  • The handset must have been bought from T-Mobile or an authorized distributor and enabled on the T-Mobile service network.
  • The handset must be completely paid off with an account in good standing.
  • Fewer than 2  unlock codes per line have been requested in the last 12 months. 
  • The device is activated and operational on the T-Mobile network. 
  • When you are on a service plan, contributions have been rendered for at least 18 straight months or you will be charged a migration fee. 
  • On prepaid phones, at least $50 have been topped-up on the device.
  • For ex-TMobile customers to become eligible customers they must have a zero account balance and a phone number that has not yet been ported out to another carrier yet.

In some cases, proof of purchase of the device is also required.

If you meet the above requirements, you can call T-Mobile customer care by dialing 611 or 1-877-746-0900

When calling T-Mobile, you will need the following:

  • Account Password (if any) Last four digits of Social Security Account Holder 
  • Phone Number
  • IMEI Number.  You will find this by heading to Settings > General > About or by dialing * # 06 # 

For more details on unlocking a  handset, please consult T-Mobile's online unlock help document

Find out T-Mobile's smartphone unlock policies 

Unlocking  Sprint Phones 

How to unlock your handset from  the Sprint wireless service provider

Sprint  as well as Boost Mobile ( a Sprint MVNO) makes unlocking your smartphone as simple as possible. 

Just a few years ago, it was difficult to unlock a Sprint phone, but they made several big strides towards making it less painful.

Postpaid consumers with SIM unlockable phones can have their device immediately unlocked by Sprint ( UICC unlock) as soon as the mobile phone is eligible for it. 

You don't need to start any calls or send any forms to make this possible. Sprint does however have specific criteria to unlock your phone. If your account is in good standing and you fulfill the service agreement then you can have it unlocked within 5 days.

Conditions to unlock a Sprint phone: 

  • The phone must be or have been operating on the network for at least 50 consecutive days. 
  • The device is capable of being network unlocked.
  • The account is in good standing, and all contract billing, Device Financing Plan, leasing or service arrangement, and any possible early termination fees must be paid off. 

When Calling Sprint Customer care, you will need the following:

Phone Number of Key Account Holder 

Account Password (if any) 

IMEI number. This can be identified by heading to Settings > General > About or by dialing * # 06 # 

For inactive phones, call Sprint Customer Service. An over-the-air upgrade could be needed to activate the unit. 

Sprint would not guarantee that the phone can work on any other network provider. 

For more details on unlocking a Sprint phone, please visit the Sprint Unlock page.

Also Visit Sprint unlock FAQs 

Is it legal to unlock my mobile phone? 

The FCC has ruled that unlocking is allowed and completely legal. 

It was not that long ago that providers did not have to 

unlock mobile phones for customers at all, or might even demand an expensive fee to do so. 

According to new laws in the USA, All phones must be unlocked for free by the carrier at the end of the contract provided that their account is in good standing and no outstanding payments are left to be paid.

The FCC has developed a protocol, and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association proposed six unlocking conditions  known as the CTIA Consumer Code that are as follows: 

  • Providers must publish accessible and straightforward instructions about how to unlock smartphones on their websites. 
  • Carriers shall, upon request, network unlock smartphones for customers that have fulfilled their contracts or Device Financing Plan
  • Carriers shall, upon request, network unlock prepaid devices within one year of paid service subject to "fair period, payment or use criteria." 
  • Carriers can either automatically unlock it or alert customers when their devices are eligible. 
  • The procedure for unlocking devices should be completed within two business days of an approved unlock request.
  • Military personnel and those stationed abroad would be able to unlock their phones without needing to meet all the above conditions.

Mobile unlocking procedures differ depending on the original carrier. Although all carriers are now obliged to unlock mobile phones if all the legal unlocking criteria are met, each carrier has some minor differences in those requirements.

For example, the method you might have used to activate an AT&T phone would be somewhat different from that of Verizon  phone, so make sure you have verified the unlocking information on their websites, at one of their distribution centers or through contacting the customer support desk.  At the end of the day, wireless service provider's employees from the big 4 telecom companies in the USA are overworked and usually receive some pretty rough treatment from angry customers.  Our last piece of advice is to be as compassionate and understanding as you can be when dealing with telecom's customer service agents. This is truly a case where being good can be the difference between receiving great customer service or bad service.

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