How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Canadian networks

By admin | Published March 27th, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still the best phablet device from Samsung. So far, it provides users with a great interface, 3GB of RAM, an amazing processor and a huge 5.5 inch display. You are also given access to a great suite of S-pen apps and tools.

To use your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on all other Canadian networks ( Bell, Fido, Rogers, Wind ), you will need to unlock it. You can use our unlock guide below that will explain to you how to do this.

How to unlock your phone

Before you can unlock your device with us, you will need to use the form...

Galaxy Note Edge from Samsung, available in the US

By admin | Published November 30th, 2014

All the US carriers have now made the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge available in their offer, with or without a contract, including upgrade plans. Here is the list of carriers and prices. You can unlock your smartphone here too.


If you aren’t worried about the contract commitment, the price of the Note Edge will be $400 for a two-year contract, while the liberal version has a price tag of $946. This is a bit pricier than the Galaxy Note 4, which costs $300 with a contract and $826 without. The payment plan for AT&T Next is $31.54 a month...

September 3rd – The date of release for a new Samsung gadget

By admin | Published August 13th, 2014

Samsung confirmed a press event that will be held on the 3rd of September at the IFA 2014, where a new Note gadget will be released, most probably the new Galaxy Note 4.

There is an official invitation that has been released by Samsung which says “Ready? Note the date” and shows the Air Command menu of the Note 3. This is the sign that shows the fact that the new release will be about the next generation of Note. To get unlocked your Galaxy Note please click here!

The rumored specs of the next Note 4 are as follows: 5.7” Quad HD...