LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

By admin | Published June 30th, 2015

The LG G4 may be slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S6, but both smartphones were released in a relatively similar time span and they’re the very best Samsung and LG have to offer at the time of writing. We’ll be taking a look at what things make the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 tick so that we can make a comparison of the two.

Build Quality

Both the LG G4 and the Galaxy S6 have a nice design, but they offer two different approaches - you have to have a certain taste to prefer one smartphone design over the other.

Before we talk...

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G3

By admin | Published May 26th, 2015

The LG G3 is definitely one of the most impressive smartphones by LG to date, but Samsung has managed to release a device this year that might just be their own most impressive handset.

Which one comes out on top? Even though some of the LG G3’s features are outdated, we can still give the two a pretty fair comparison.

Build Quality

LG has definitely taken quite a few design cues from Samsung’s books over the years, but Samsung threw a curveball with the Galaxy S6 that LG could have never expected.

The end result is a beautifully...

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 for USA Networks

By admin | Published April 4th, 2015

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in a variety of colors and provides users with a great smartphone experience. Powered by Android, the Galaxy S6 has a huge selection of apps via the Google Play store, and plenty of useful tools from Samsung themselves.

If you are frustrated with the network you are locked to, you can use our unlocking service to receive a code that can unlock your device. To receive an unlock code from us, we will need some information from you. The information you need can be found below. Detailed instructions here for...

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 AT&T USA

By admin | Published March 29th, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest flagship device from Samsung in 2015, and it is an absolute beast. Its new octa core 64 bit processor allows it to outperform any other competition, and its beautiful new build quality is the best from Samsung yet.

Unfortunately, if you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 from AT&T in the USA, you will be locked to their network. This means you have no option to stop using the network. Fortunately, you can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6, and we’ll be explaining how or read more here.

How to unlock your phone

Galaxy S6 Review

By admin | Published March 15th, 2015

The Galaxy S6 is one of two new flagship devices by Samsung this year, and alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge, the S6 features a completely refreshed design that drops all of the plastic that Samsung devices have been known for in the past. To get unlocked your Galaxy S6 please click here!

Does the Galaxy S6 look like a top contender for 2015, or is it somewhat lacking? We’ll be finding out in our review.

Build Design

This is perhaps the most important aspect of the Galaxy S6. The new S6 has a completely revamped build design that is very...