You Can Now Use ‘Find my Phone’ via Google

By admin | Published May 27th, 2015

If you’ve got an Android device you’ve got something new to be a little less worried about. Google has just announced a brand new feature that allows you type ‘Find my Phone’ into the Google search engine and bring back location results for your handset.

By typing in the phrase “Find my Phone” and searching for it on Google, the Android device manager will pop up.

This will then allow you to locate a phone of your choice, so long as it is tied to your Google account you are currently logged in to. When you first set up the...

Do you want a Lamborghini smart phone? Then you have to spend $6000 for it!

By admin | Published January 17th, 2015

In case you didn’t know, there are also smartphones with the name of “Lamborghini”, part of the Tonino Lamborghini Group. Their latest release is the 88Tauri smartphone which displays a spectacular $6000 tag.

As you may have already guessed, this gadget and the others belonging to its line are luxury products and include watches and accessories. Tonino Lamborghini is the son of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the late inventor of the Lamborghini car, who tried to follow his father in creating spectacular and luxurious products.

The number of...

10 things you can do with your Smartphone

By admin | Published November 27th, 2014

1.    Screen your health

There are plenty of apps that keep track of your health when you are exercising or consuming food. In addition to these, The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is developing a technology that will allow your phone screen to measure your DNA molecules and proteins in your body.

Replace your wallet

Now some of your smart phone apps can remember credit card and banking information for different types of cards and also for your PayPal account. No need to carry that wallet around anymore!

2.  ...

New Naming Scheme for HTC

By admin | Published November 17th, 2014

According to the release scheme from the previous two years, we are expecting HTC to release the new HTC One (M9) in 2015 and it seems that, according to some rumors, it will be released alongside the M9 Prime in the first quarter of the year. To get unlocked your HTC One please click here.

One trusted source of leaks has stated that the new M9 flagship won’t keep this naming pattern, which will actually be changed for the whole HTC series. What the change will be about we don’t know yet.

We can only speculate related to the new naming...

Samsung Galaxy A series – November launch

By admin | Published November 3rd, 2014

The new Samsung A series have been constantly rumored about in the last few weeks. Similar to the recent Galaxy Alpha, the A3, A5 and A7 smartphones are designed for the mid-range sector of gadgets, starting from the A3 with a 4.5” screen with 720x1280 resolution, a 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon 410 processor and 1GB of RAM, continuing with the A5, which has the same processor and resolution, but a 5” screen, and ending with the A7 which is bigger, 5.2”, has a better resolution, of 1080x1920 and also has 2Gb of RAM and a 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon 615...

Moto X 2014 – An impressive release from Motorola

By admin | Published October 14th, 2014

The new Moto X has been released this September and it seems it lives up to its expectations. Let’s take each of its characteristics and describe them a little. To get unlocked your Moto X please click here.

First of all, its size is different, significantly bigger, and with a better AMOLED 5.2” display of 1080p . The thickness has reduced, as opposed to its display size, but its weight has increased a little bit, with 0.18 ounces.

Other visible improvements are the dual front-facing speakers, with a speaker grill unusually raised...

A practical Android app for shortening URLs: ShortPaste

By admin | Published August 20th, 2014

There are many people who use their smartphones daily for more than an hour, sending emails, sharing info with friends or even working with their help. You can unlock your smartphone here!

In these cases, working with long, annoying URLs can be a really fastidious action and of course that some people eventually thought about a solution to this problem: an app that makes links shorter called ShortPaste.

Even online tools that shorten the URLs such as or can be difficult to use repetitively every day, so ShortPaste brings the...

Exynos 5430, the first 20nm HKMG based chip and Samsung Galaxy Alpha

By admin | Published August 20th, 2014

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha 4.7 inch smartphone arrived with some interesting news: on top of the fact that the Exynos 5430 octa core chip is a really powerful one, it seems that it is also the first 20nm high-k metal gate based chip in the world to be found on a smartphone. Are you a Samsung fan? Learn here how to unlock your Samsung phone!

After many years of having 28nm processors on phones, this new 20nm process will bring better clock speeds and an overall better thermal footprint also.

The casting process of the 20nm HKMG...

September 3rd – The date of release for a new Samsung gadget

By admin | Published August 13th, 2014

Samsung confirmed a press event that will be held on the 3rd of September at the IFA 2014, where a new Note gadget will be released, most probably the new Galaxy Note 4.

There is an official invitation that has been released by Samsung which says “Ready? Note the date” and shows the Air Command menu of the Note 3. This is the sign that shows the fact that the new release will be about the next generation of Note. To get unlocked your Galaxy Note please click here!

The rumored specs of the next Note 4 are as follows: 5.7” Quad HD...

The new blue Samsung Galaxy S5 will be out in almost a week

By admin | Published August 7th, 2014

For people who still haven’t got their hands on a Galaxy S5, we have good news! A new version, colored entirely in blue, will be out on the market starting from the 17th of August. This version of the electric blue Samsung will feature a blue front also, unlike the already existent blue Galaxy which has a black front. To get unlocked your Galaxy S5 please click here!

This all-blue Galaxy S5 will be available for US citizens from Best Buy with contracts from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, with a price of $99, much cheaper than the existent...