LG G4 vs HTC One M9

By admin | Published June 26th, 2015

Both the LG G4 and the HTC One M9 are LG’s and HTC’s latest flagship offerings for 2015 and they both offer a different flavor of the Android pie. Which one comes out on top? Is this a question that can have a true answer? We’ll be taking an in-depth look to find out where each device excels below.

Build Quality

Here’s an interesting match up. In the past, the HTC lineup was often compared to the Galaxy lineup - in previous years, the Samsung Galaxy devices offered a cheap-feeling build quality, whilst the HTC M range had the highest...

HTC One M9 Review

By admin | Published May 4th, 2015

The HTC One M9 may look similar to the other One handsets from afar, but taking a close look reveals that the device has had slick redesign and the interior has been packed with more power than ever. On top of that, the software has had a major overhaul, and for the first time the Sense UI is looking like a true top contender in the Android UI space.

Build Quality

In terms of size and weight the HTC One M9 is very slightly smaller than previous iterations. It’s certainly not all that noticeable though, and the changes to design are only for...

HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Which is Best?

By admin | Published April 16th, 2015

If you can’t decide between the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then you’ve come to the right place. In this comparison article, we’ll be taking both devices together to bring you a comprehensive review across various categories. At the end of this article, you should have a much better idea about which device is right for you. Detailed instructions to unlock your HTC One M9!

Build Quality

The Note 4 was a big step for Samsung towards making a more prominent flagship lineup when it came to build quality, but it just doesn’t...

HTC One M9 Vs iPhone 6 - Head to Head

By admin | Published April 12th, 2015

Whilst Apple has started to stray from their well worn path to create a more unique device with the iPhone 6, HTC are still keeping true to the One series, and the M9 looks incredibly similar to it’s precursor. However, there are a number of changes, both internally and in the software that make the M9 a notable upgrade from the M8. But how does it compare to Apple’s newest flagship, the iPhone 6? In this comparison, we put each device head to head across various different categories.

Build Quality

You may be shocked to hear me say this,...