LG Optimus G Pro vs Galaxy Note 2

By admin | Published April 21st, 2013
Full review of LG Optimus G Pro vs Galaxy Note 2

The phablet world has been overrun since the Galaxy Note 2 came in and received a huge amount of success. Of course, the first phablet that made it to mainstream markets was the Galaxy Note, but it took Samsung to release the 2nd Galaxy Note 2 to make the smartphone industry and everyone involved realize that Samsung were serious about phablets, and they are here to stay.

Since the Galaxy Note 2, we’ve seen a few phablets pop up, but the most interesting that’s available right now has got to be the LG Optimus G Pro, but what phablet is...

Samsung Galaxy Note II vs HTC One X

By admin | Published October 30th, 2012

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note II vs HTC One XThe Galaxy Note II has arrived. It has an even bigger -- 5.5 inches -- screen, better S Pen ergonomics, and a toughened quad-core CPU. It may not be the handset for all, but if you have been lugging Android phones that have large screens, it won’t be such a problem.

And looking at larger screens, the HTC One X at 4.7 inches is a lovely sight. It was the first to come in the shops with a quad-core CPU. Does the Note II fit you well, or is the HTC One X better for your pocket? Here we do an analysis of the two.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Samsung Galaxy S III

By admin | Published October 24th, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Galaxy S III Review CompartionThe Galaxy Note phone family has just become bigger with the addition of another member, Note II. It brings lot of improvements in its wake. There is a bigger and brighter display in a body that’s more compact, a very ergonomic S Pen stylus, and a tough quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM.

Both have first class call quality, though Note II’s is slightly better, due to a powerful earpiece and clear sound. Both behave nicely too, our voices come out crisply and loud with little audio distortions.

Note II remains a big hulk, but since the brand’s...