Blackberry Z10 Reaches 1 Million Sold Units in Q4 Alone

By admin | Published March 31st, 2013

For a short while in 2012, everyone thought RIM, now Blackberry, were going to crash and burn in their attempts to recapture some of the market now dominated by Apple, Android and Windows Phone.

However, Blackberry have managed to pull up out of their slowly declining profits and score a decent 1 million Blackberry 10 models sold in Q4 2012. In this fiscal quarter for Blackberry, they sold a total of 6 million handsets, of which 5 million were previous generation models, but it’s clear that the 1 million BB10 sales pushed in a whole lot...

BlackBerry Z10 - Specs and Performance Review

By admin | Published February 18th, 2013

A new Blackberry phone is in town. Blackberry, earlier used to known as Research in Motion, has after a long wait, unleashed its smartphone running on QNX-based OS 10 platform. To bring the eminence back in the market, very much is at stake, after taking into account the extortionate time they have consumed for it.

Certainly, it has been rough job for Blackberry to make an attempt to stand in the crowd which is already bursting with the high end Android Smartphones, Trendy Windows 8 phones and none other than iPhone.

Despite of other facts,...