You can pre-order the new BlackBerry classic from Amazon for $449

By admin | Published December 28th, 2014

After lots of discussions around its launch, the BlackBerry classic can finally be pre-ordered, starting from the middle of November, having a $449 pricing tag. You can now Unlock Blackberry Classic here!

The name says it all, as this new smartphone stays loyal to its classic QWERTY keyboard and adds to it a modern shape and style.

US residents can order the smartphone directly from the BlackBerry online store, under no contract from any of the carriers. You have to know also that it is made especially for GSM carriers, so Verizon, Sprint...

BlackBerry Launches the BlackBerry Classic Q20 in December This Year

By admin | Published November 16th, 2014

In February this year BlackBerry released two models of smartphones, the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBerry Q20, now known as the BlackBerry Classic. We already have the Z3 on the markets and expecting the launch of the Classic model at the end of this year. To unlock your blackberry Q20 visit here!

During the MIT Enterprise Forum in Hong Kong, the CEO of BlackBerry John Chen announced that the BES12 will be released on November 13th and that the Classic one will come one month later.

To get unlocked your Blackberry Z3 please click...