7 New Android and iPhone Apps for July

By admin | Published August 5th, 2015

iOS: Help Me Focus ($0.99)

Help Me Focus is a new iOS application that can be picked up for $0.99. As the name suggests, this app is designed to help you focus on tasks, work and studying. This app encourages you to work for short bursts and rewards you with quick breaks between each burst of work, and provides the tools for you to follow this type of productivity.

iOS: Bricolage ($2.99)

Bricolage is currently only available for iOS and it costs $2.99. For this 3 dollar price tag, you’re given an application that can provide users with over...

10 things you can do with your Smartphone

By admin | Published November 27th, 2014

1.    Screen your health

There are plenty of apps that keep track of your health when you are exercising or consuming food. In addition to these, The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is developing a technology that will allow your phone screen to measure your DNA molecules and proteins in your body.

Replace your wallet

Now some of your smart phone apps can remember credit card and banking information for different types of cards and also for your PayPal account. No need to carry that wallet around anymore!

2.  ...

Google apps and services will be featured on all Android devices

By admin | Published May 15th, 2014

If the domination of Google wasn’t enough until now, there are even more things to come that are destined to put this company on the top choices of Internet and mobile gadgets users. To get unlocked your gadgets please click here!

One of these things is a new agreement that was signed by Google and its hardware partners regarding Android devices and the Google apps used for YouTube, Gmail, Chrome and so on.

This agreement implies that all Android phone manufacturers have to include as basic apps on their gadgets the whole Google app...